Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Permits for the first two houses!

On Thursday of last week, Chris (one of my trusty carpenters) took my permit applications to the City. After various corrections they wanted made, he was told they'd get them processed, maybe by Friday or at least by Monday and call him.

Well... as things go, they called me Monday with another question, then after I begged and pleaded (and paid $580) they issued permits for two of the six applications. The clerk in the office told me in no uncertain terms that despite what I've been told in the past and what the City website says, they have 5 days to issue permits and it will likely take all 5 days. Seems that doing them faster will interfere with the numerous personal conversations some of the staff there have going on that must be very, very important. Infinitely more important than interuppting them for a waiting permit application.

Do I sound bitter? I don't really mean to bash all the folks there, because some of them have been very helpful. It is just really frustrating to wait all this time, be told I could get permits in one day, then be made to wait 5 days. UGGH!

So, on the positive side, the foundation footer is dug on two of the four houses, and in process on the other two. We can get the inspection tomorrow and then begin pouring concrete!
Chris and Bryant tell me that it won't be long before I'll start seeing some framing! Yeah!
Keep watching for some more interesting pics as we get really moving.

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