Sunday, September 21, 2008


The Oakwood Cottages are coming right along. 916 Oakwood Avenue is almost totally painted on the outside.

912 Oakwood Avenue has the first coat of paint on the outside and is currently getting drywall done on the inside.

916 Oakwood now has the trim finished and it's primed inside. This week the interior will be painted and the Bamboo flooring will begin to go in!

914 Oakwood is now insulated, and drywall should go in in about a week.

Originally, I had planned to rent all 6 of the homes, but after thinking about it, I decided that it would create a better sense of community in the block to have at least half of the homes be owner-occupied. Despite the national real estate market, there is a strong demand for reasonably priced homes in Downtown Raleigh. Compared with smaller homes further away from downtown, these homes are reasonably priced at $225,000. Considering that everything is new, except a small amount of original siding and framing, that is a great price for downtown Raleigh.

A local Realtor, Van Fletcher, contacted me and has brought me a contract for 914 Oakwood and we are expecting a contract on 912 Oakwood! This community is coming together!

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