Sunday, May 3, 2009

The story continues...

It has been a long time since I've posted, but the work has continued!

This is 908 Oakwood. The other 4 houses are all occupied, one is by me! I'm living here since I sold my big house and am downsizing. I'll eventually move into 908 - if all goes according to plan.

Currently it is framed, most of the siding is on, the electrical, mechanical and plumbing is roughed in.

This house is really cool - a great use of space - I can't wait to move in. It was just insulated - and I'm using spray-foam insulation now. It's amazing to watch that stuff go in, and although it's reall expensive, it is supposed to have a 2-3 year payback period.

These houses are quite a bit larger than 916-910. 908 will be 1513 sq feet and 906 will be a tad bigger.

The difference is that in 906 there will be a full shed dormer on the East side so that we can get two full bedrooms and a bathroom on the 3rd floor.

I really like the 2nd floor porch - that is off the master bedroom.

The neighborhood has really improved since the first 4 houses occupied!

It's been a long time (4 months!) since I last posted, but the progress continues on Oakwood Avenue.


Dawn said...

Hey a friend sent me your blog. It looks like you are doing great work. I am looking for houses in the Oakwood area. Is the one you are currently in going to be available for purchase soon?

Ann said...

keep posting ... it's september now.