Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Foundation almost done

Once the footers were poured, the crew came back and formed the foundation walls.

After the forms were in, the concrete pump truck and 3 concrete trucks arrived to pour the foundation walls. It was fascinating to watch the pump operator walk around with his remote control to move the pump arm where he wanted it and control the flow of concrete.

The pump arm could reach from the rear of the house all the way to the front.

Foundation poured - rebar sticking up will be bent over once the gravel and insulation are in. It will hold the final slab to the walls.

The foundation was filled with gravel (a lot of gravel). Then the plumbers came to rough in the plumbing that went under the slab. After that was inspected, the foundation was filled with gravel (a lot of gravel), then a layer of foam insulation board, then a vapor barrier. Next a grid of rebar was formed. After that, I installed the tubing for the radiant floor heating - All by myself! I'm so proud of myself! I put a pressure test on it - no leaks! Now the concrete is ready to be poured for the slab.

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