Friday, May 30, 2008

Still waiting, but we're doing what we can...

It's still not time for the Zoning Hearing yet, but we've been busy doing what we can. Many of the overgrown trees have been either removed (only where necessary!) or trimmed back. It's now possible to see the fronts of all the houses and the tree limbs that were resting on the roofs are all now gone.

There's still some "unsavory" activity going on in the backyards - but clearing the underbrush should help, and soon we'll have some lighting. I guess old habits die hard.

The interiors of the four houses in Phase I are all gutted down to the studs. The old electrical wiring was removed for the copper courtesy of some nameless thief, but it will be sold and recycled! The flooring is all out as well - unfortunately the old wood was just to damaged to save.

Number 910 has had the old back addition torn off - it's amazing that thing was even still standing. We found that there had been a fire at one time, and the foundation appeared to be 2 layers of concrete block sitting on dirt with no mortar. Yikes!

Number 908 (one of the Phase II houses) has had the asphalt siding removed, and the original wood siding has been caulked, primed and painted blue. Just the trim needs to be done. I decided to paint 908 so it doesn't make the Phase I houses look so bad when we get towards the end of Phase I and it's time to occupy them.

Still anxious to get going....

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