Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Certificates of Occupancy!!

The certificate of Occupancy for 916 Oakwood (the first house) was received on 11/18, and today we got the CO for the second house 914. So now, there is electricity and heat in 916. It has been rented, and the first members of the community will move in to their new home in early December. Welcome to Lisa and Marisa!
John, Patrick and Brent are hard at work building the fence's for 916 and 914.

Cool fences, huh?! Some shrubs and mulch will make the houses look great! I sure wish it were a bit warmer, but it looks like I'll be breaking through some frozen ground this weekend.

914 Oakwood is almost done as well. The power gets turned on tomorrow. All the flooring is in and looks great. Only some minor work and cleaning inside. I can't wait for the heat to be started up Friday AM! Thanks to ARS for a great job - Tim Halat, the construction manager is very responsive and has been great to work with.
The second members of the neighborhood will be moving in in mid December - Welcome to Scott & Amy!
Jeff is almost done the stairway in 910 Oakwood - we are busily working away to get this house done by mid December for the third new neighbors. Joe and Erin are really excited about their new home!
This is 908 Oakwood. Chris and his crew have jacked it up and dug new footers, which will hopefully get inspected and have concrete poured by Friday. It is amazing how construction methods have changed - these houses originally were built with very little in the way of underground foundations.

Norman is digging out to place new foundation concrete around the bottom of the chimney so it will be stable in the new house.

This is the view from inside 908. Before long, it will look quite different!


Foghorn said...


I grew up in the Longview Gardens neighborhood near Larry's supermarket and drove by the houses and through this neighborhood quite often growing up. Great job on retaining a lot of the architectural style and maybe starting a little bit of a revival in that neighborhood - they look great!

Madison NC

ted said...

I live in NYC and I am planing on relocating with my wife by this summer. I was curious as to who I should get intouch with for Purchasing info.