Monday, November 3, 2008

First one - almost done, closing in on # 2!

The first house (916) is almost done and is now listed on Craigslist for sale or rent. The house has passed the final HVAC and Plumbing Inspections, and will likely pass the electrical inspection tomorrow. I hope to have the Certificate of Occupancy by the end of the week, with landscaping to be done over the next two weeks.

There are a few small items to finish, and the house needs to be cleaned, but it it really looking nice.

Ready for appliances!

The second house, 914 is moving along right on schedule. It is sold, and scheduled to close at the end of November. The interior is painted, the flooring is almost all in, tile work in process, and the kitchen cabinets will be in tomorrow. The countertops will be poured Wednesday and hopefully installed by early next week.

HVAC finish work will be done this week, and so will the electrical finish work. The staircase looks great with the white paint against the dark bamboo floors the buyers selected. Very classy!

910 is moving along too. The drywall went in last week, and trim carpentry should be done shortly, then paint! The buyers are looking forward to their December finish date.
912 is waiting at this point. The trim carpentry is in, and it's ready to be painted as soon as there is a buyer ready to choose colors.

The first of the "last two" houses has been torn down to the basics and is ready to have the new foundation poured.
This house will be slightly larger than the rest. It is a more square footprint, and will get a full 2nd floor rather than the "camelback" the other houses got. The attic will also be finished. As amazing as it looks from this picture, this house will be have 4 bedrooms and 3.5 baths when done!

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