Friday, January 29, 2010

Framing still in progress

Last week the rainwater storage tank was set in place. I think we did ok and didn't have to disturb too many large roots for the tree at the front of the house. I'd like to preserve that if at all possible. This tank will collect the water from the roof (1" of rainfall will fill the tank) for use in flushing toilets and irrigation/outside water usage.

Chris of Kala Construction is working hard framing the roof over the garage. John Enzor is busy marking for cuts in the background. Cold day - waiting for the snowstorm.

It's a little easier to see the outline of the house now.

This is a view from the front through to the back.

It will look better once the windows are cut out! This is the south side - it has lots of windows going in. This is the side of the roof that the solar panels will go on. I learned last week that by PV panels will generate enough electricity to offset the same amount of carbon as not driving over 225,000 miles during the life of the panels or the equivalent of planting 25,500 trees! Now I don't feel bad about having to cut down a few of the "weed trees" that were growing on the south side before construction started.

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