Friday, February 12, 2010

Almost done framing...

It has been COLD! We've had a few weather delays, but are moving along well. Today the guys from Southern Energy Management started doing the rough-in work for the PV panels. Very exciting.

Last Friday (in the cold rain) and Sunday I installed the tubing for radiant floor heating for the 2nd floor. It wasn't too difficult at all. It might have actually been fun if it wasn't 34 and raining!

You can see the rear of the house taking shape! My framer had a great idea I missed while planning. I am able to fit a walk-in closet into the attic space above the garage, so I can access that from my Master bathroom and get slightly more space in the existing bedroom by eliminating that closet. Thanks Chris!

The front porch is going on today. By next week we should be starting the roof and have the house dried in!

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